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Welcome to Advaita Studios!
We are a visualisation company.
Everything Advaita Studios does, relates to some kind of ‘Visualisation’.
We are involved in advanced 3D visualisation services in various sectors.
We also provide professional level training in many 3D graphics fields.
Our production portfolio boasts of:

Satisfied customers
Visualisation projects
minutes of animations
Recently published in ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation‘ :

C22- The adventures of TINGU

नमस्कार, मला माहिती आहे की तुम्ही सगळे आजच्या भागाची खूप वाट बघत आहात. कारण आज सगळ्यांना आपली शॉर्ट-फिल्म बघायला मिळणार आहे. त्यामुळे तुमचा आणखी वेळ …

C21- शॉर्ट फिल्मचं एडिटिंग

एकेका शॉटचं रेंडरींग कसं करायचं हे आपण मागच्या भागात बघितलं. प्रत्यक्ष रेंडरींग करायला बराच वेळ लागू शकतो. तुम्ही तुमच्या कम्प्युटरवर असं रेंडरींग नक्की करून बघितलं …

C20- रेंडर सेटिंग्स

अॅनिमेशन झालेल्या सगळ्या शॉट्सचं मुख्य रेंडरींग कसं चालू करायचं हे आता आपण बघू. तसं रेंडरींग बद्दल आपण आधी बघितलंच आहे. आता त्याची उजळणी म्हणून आपल्या …

C19- आणखी एका शॉटचं अॅनिमेशन

आपली ही सिरीज आता तशी संपत आली आहे. या भागात आपण आणखी एका शॉटचं अॅनिमेशन सुरु असताना अॅनिमेटर कशा प्रकारे काम करतो ते बघणार आहोत. …
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Recently published ‘Behind the Scenes‘:

Behind the Scene : Micro Brewery

We had done these type of projects for our where the client needed a walkthrough demonstration of their product. But this time around the requirements, …

Behind the Scenes : Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit was a project where the client needed not just one but 3 sections done separately. The basic requirement was to achieve a …

Behind the Scenes : Dryer Sub Assembly

Our team has gotten very proficient at delivering output for engineering projects which we did over the years. The dryer assembly was one such project …

Behind the Scenes : C Channel Stiffing Assembly

This is one of our short projects done very recently. The project requirements had to be stripped down to just the basic concept so as …

Behind the Scenes : Robotic Washing Machine

This project was one of those projects where we were able to utilise all the skills that we acquired throughout our previous efforts and experience. …

Behind the Scenes : Industrial Walkthrough

The next project is an industrial walkthrough. It shows the complete Plant layout of one of our client’s factories. For this project we had to …

Behind the Scenes : E-manual

Clamp E-manual is one of our home projects. As you can guess from the title, this is not the usual type of projects. Until now …

Behind the Scene : Passive Breaking System for Goods Elevator

This visualisation is a demonstration video of how the emergency breaking system mechanism works in a goods elevator. We introduced different components of the system …
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