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We are a visualisation company.

Everything Advaita Studios does, relates to some kind of ‘Visualisation’.

The name

The word ‘Advaita’ (Pronounced as अद्वैत) literally means ‘non-dualism’ or ‘oneness’, which is a Sanskrit philosophical term. The particular word was selected from the inspirational  books of ‘Swami-Vivekananda’ consisting his lectures and discourses. It also resembles our methodologies towards ‘Un-partitioning’ between various work areas such as engineering, architecture or any such field. The fundamentals and principles of designing in all such fields are essentially the same.

The logo

The key concept behind the logo, is that, it is made up of one of the simplest and primary forms of 3d representation – the cube – the three dimensions, the 3 primary planes in space. It’s composition as a pyramidal shape, makes it look solid and stable. And on the other hand, the arrangement of the cubes is very unlikely to exist in a common 3d world that we perceive. It takes us out of the box – of the ‘cube’ – to the 4th dimension.

The founders

Advaita Studios, as a private limited company, was formed in 2013, but it’s foundation goes back in 2006. The initial founder ‘Mahesh Deshpande’ started it to cater services in visualisation fields.
He started his carrier as a designer in 1999. As a freelancer he worked on many projects of Interior designing, Prototype Model making (Physical), and several 3D visualisation projects. He was also involved actively in providing professional training in designing and 3D graphics. Working with few animation and designing teams, as a key team member and consultant and after doing many freelance jobs for more that 7 years, he founded ‘Advaita Design Studio’ in 2006. Quickly he and his early team made some great customer relations. The dedication, efforts and hard-work taken at that time became fruitful and the company started growing and received very good customer satisfaction. Amongst the early and satisfied customers, one was ‘Penta Designers and engineers’. Quickly the business relations grew very healthy between Mahesh Deshpande and the 4 directors of Penta Namely, Prashant Deshpande, Samir Mokashi, Ajit Wagh and Rajendra Nisal. These 5 in-tern became co-founders of Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Today Advaita Studio’s portfolio boasts of nearly 200 visualisation projects, for more than 50 very satisfied clients, making over 1200 minutes of animations and literally countless graphic images.

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