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Behind the Scenes – Robotic Gear Loading

WM06-POST-IMAGE-03 This project was a robotic automation visualisation which was used for gear machining. The entire process for machining a gear is realised through the animation. The inputs for the system are raw gears which go through the process of selection, inspection, machining, optical testing, pressing of small parts and palletization.


WM06-POST-IMAGE-01 The semi simulated animations were used to try out various layout options. Out of many, one option was evolved due to the visualisation. It enabled for easier technical discussions and sequence analysis. Along with realistic motions of the robot in different scenarios, actual time scale was also implemented.


WM06-POST-IMAGE-02 Developing an animation rig even for a 3 to 4 axis robot is very complex process. This project required a 6 axis robot. We are happy and proud, we could rig the robot arm to be able to achieve realistic posture and motions. Of course this made the client very happy.

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