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Behind the Scenes – Human Posture and Ergonomics Simulation

This project is one of our fairly recent projects. This project was used by the clients for visualisation and verifying the correctness through simulation. It was about human simulation having ergonomically correct postures and actions.

bts02-hn012-inpost03 bts02-hn012-inpost04
REBA-RULA standards were used to simulate the human actions correctly which was one of the important part of the project. Human motion timing standards called ‘MOST’ were used for the character animation. 

bts02-hn012-inpost02 bts02-hn012-inpost01
To achieve the motion of the manipulator was very challenging. We were very successful to achieve the technically correct designs of the equipment and also the simulated human animations. We were able to deliver what client had asked which made them very happy.

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