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Behind the Scenes – Mixing and Degassing Machine

 This one was a very short project. The client needed an accurate description of their product. The client’s expectation from us was a high quality rendered output which depicted exactly how their machine worked. The product is essentially a fluid mixer. The mixing process is known as dispensing.


As the project duration was short. We had to device different strategies to produce faster results. We used animated textures to reduce the rendering time. This would have not been the case had we used fluids. Particle systems were used to show the bubble effect. The removal of bubbles is called degassing. We used simple rendering techniques to produce quick final output.


The final video shows the exact operation of the product. We decided that the best way to do it would be introduce each component individually in the animations. Later we showed how the entire system will work as a whole. This helped us achieve the output as desired by the client.

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