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Behind the Scenes – AC Controller System

This is one of those project where we had to be on toes for constantly evolving client requirements.  The main expectations from our client ‘Honeywell’, were very high quality rendered images for each of their components. The client needed these images for representation of their systems in a much user friendly way.


We were able to understand their requirements very quickly and we also shared ideas for better solutions. We suggested them to use parametric representations of their system to create their design more effortlessly. Our ideas and inputs allowed them the freedom and the ability to improve their designs. They used the images provided by us in the network representation of their air conditioning system front end control panels.


Our outputs were used to represent the changes in the system inputs given by the end user (controller/administrator) or any changes occurring due to other factors. We had to give them multiple rendered images for the same components, which when arranged logically highlighted the changes in the system. We really impressed them and became a very reliable source by providing  them exact outputs.

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  1. Great work! following ur site 🙂