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Behind the Scenes – 6 Axis Robot

This is one of the very first project at Advaita Studios. The main requirement of the project was the visualisation of the 6 axis robot. Along with the 6 axis, the requirement of the automated arm was an additional of 4 sub axis that were to be constructed with in the rig.

bts05-wgp01-inpost01 bts05-wgp01-inpost02

The complete rig of the robotic arm was technically challenging and one of its kind at the time. Sorting, stacking and removal of defective packages is done by the arm autonomously. The functioning of the arm stops immediately if a person is detected to be in the vicinity of the mechanism.


  1. I remember the rigging process specially. Achieving all motions and degrees of freedom for almost all the joints was the most difficult task. But finally I could do it and the motions were very much like real life robot.

  2. Great work!