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Behind the Scenes : Washing Machine

The first thing that comes to your mind when one hears washing machine is that of our regular consumer level appliances. But this, as you can see from the images, is an industrial grade machine for precision cleaning. The size of which is as huge as a room. This machine is used to clean engine blocks and other such mechanical parts.

bts08-en001-inpost03 bts08-en001-inpost04

We were fortunate to work on such a system where we had to carefully study the working and precise movements of its components. We used various particle simulation techniques to represent the water jet streams and pressurised air flow nozzles used to clean the objects placed into the device. We had fun while working on the visualisation which showed each individual units separately and demonstrated complete cleaning and drying process.

bts08-en001-inpost02 bts08-en001-inpost01

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