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Behind the Scenes : Industrial Walkthrough

The next project is an industrial walkthrough. It shows the complete Plant layout of one of our client’s factories. For this project we had to work off of the plan layouts and designs provided to us in the form of CAD data. The walkthrough in itself was not the only requirement that we had to handle. We were also asked to work on the other working equipments and machinery.

bts11-eo004-inpost01 bts11-eo004-inpost02

Firstly we showed the Plant being built gradually, section by section and floor by floor. Later we had to show how, and for what purpose each section was built and used. The walkthrough, although not your typical view of the surroundings and landscape, showed the clients the working and practicality of the new design changes.

bts11-eo004-inpost03 bts11-eo004-inpost04

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