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Behind the Scenes : Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit was a project where the client needed not just one but 3 sections done separately. The basic requirement was to achieve a very near realistic output. As you can see from the images we had to create output for air handling units, hot water systems and floor plans as well. These images were to be given to the client so that they could use them in their proprietary softwares.

bts15-eo023-inpost03 bts15-eo023-inpost04

We visited their office a couple of time to thoroughly understand their requirements and get inputs from them. The construction of the elements was to be done as per their inputs. We had been provided with 2D images and CAD drawings as design inputs. We applied our expert knowledge to produce 3D models and results which the clients were very impressed by.

bts15-eo023-inpost01 bts15-eo023-inpost02

Our team was to work on creating images and GIFs which would later be used at clients end and be arranged as a jigsaw puzzle to create their whole system. What you see here are samples of our work done, where the output was very rewarding considering the efforts taken.

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