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Behind the Scene : Micro Brewery

We had done these type of projects for our where the client needed a walkthrough demonstration of their product. But this time around the requirements, the time, the quality of output and the application of the video was very specific. The final file was to be used at a kiosk presentation for product promotion.

We had to be on our toes as there were many changes in the initial design provided by the client. The team pulled up their sleeves, each member worked on their assigned task dedicatedly. We had a very tight deadline where we had to give the final output to the client before they departed for their presentation.

bts16-eo027-inpost04 bts16-eo027-inpost03

All members were assigned individual task for modelling as per design, animating the camera as per the required camera angels and working on text effects. The client had provided us with a sample video file, and had asked us to create an output which would be as good as or better than that of the provided data. We were very much satisfied by our results as the output was quite better than the examples shown to us.

bts16-eo027-inpost02 bts16-eo027-inpost01

We also delivered the final file to the client at their residence before they left for their conference. This happened only because of team work and we were able to work on our toes adapting to the changing requirements and inputs.

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