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Exciting First 5 weeks! More coming!

As the first batch started recently, we are happy and super excited about it. All of the students have enjoyed the first five weeks. Made lot of fun and learning. And also excited about the upcoming sessions.TrainingFirstBatch-A

Here are the updates of the fun we are having at the first batch of animation foundation course.
We are orienting!
As mentioned in the seminar, we started with the orientation phase. In-spite of having a Digital 3D animation program, we enjoyed the first three weeks without even touching the computer!
Is it really possible? To learn 3D Graphics without a computer?
Yes indeed! Take a look.
In these sessions, we made fun and did many interesting things.
Enjoying clay modeling:
and even made stop motion animation:
watch this youtube playlist
Practiced sketching and drawing:
Did some colouring work:
Sketched some storyboards:
Every student was doing great work and produced very good art works during the workshops. Stay tuned for further updates

Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.


  1. Great job. Dedicated efforts. Keep it up.


  1. Gregory Smith