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A02- Overview of the series

Hello and welcome to this 2nd part of ‘Lets learn 3D animation’ series. In this episode I will show you an overview of this entire series. The series will be presented in form of a dialogue or a question and answer session. This is a peculiar fashion used even in most of the ‘Vedantic literature’ to better communicate ideas and deep thoughts. We will have an imaginary seeker named ‘Q’, asking questions and we will be discussing on it through its answer. I invite ‘you’ too, to ask me questions and we will try to talk over them. So, Lets start with an overview of the series.

Q: Why are you bringing this series, anyways?

Oh, as we talked in the last article, since 2003, I have been asked so many times, for guidance on career in 3D animation field. Most of the queries were from parents asking regarding  future prospects for their 10th or 12th std children. Others were from those who want to enter in the field themselves. Out of all the queries, I have shortlisted these 3, which I think are the most important ones:

Most of them were asking me to give more information and a broader perspective of the sector. According to them- Such kind of information is not readily and easily available. Most newspaper or magazine articles are promotional and NOT informative. We don’t get a cumulative or sorted  information from such articles.

I was also asked by many, to provide in-depth and application oriented training. People have experienced that, most of the famous training institutes charge very high fees, but there is less guaranty for real application oriented training.

And lastly, remaining were asking for jobs. These three issues must be very critical, at-least as I understood from the number of e-mails, calls and messages, I received till now.

Q: Yes, they seem important. So what is your plan about it?

I definitely want to try for some solution from my end, as much as I can! Since I am in graphics and visualisation field at-least since 1999, I have few things and ideas that I can share. Which can hopefully make a good learning platform for freshers.

The last question (about jobs) is comparatively easy to solve. As there are really many job openings available everywhere. If one gets trained properly then finding a job is not so difficult right-now. Even my company ‘Advaita-studios’ requires 3D artists from time to time. So interested ones may ‘Contact US’.

Now the main part remains about the first two issues. As discussed in the last post, from my side, I have already stared this big training series. Although, I already conduct commercial 3D Animation training programs, but this particular series will be completely FREE. I think the basic or fundamental knowledge should be easily available to everybody. This series will let you go through the entire animation process and it will let you decide, to think of 3D animation as your career.

Q: It means, after going through this, will I be able to decide for myself, if I should work in this field?

Yes, that’s the very goal. I will try to show you, as many its facets as possible. By going through them, you will surely learn many things about animation and many fundamentals. You will definitely get a very clear overview, which will let you decide whether this field is suitable for you or not.

Q: Great! Speaking of an overview, can you tell more, about this series?

Yes. This series, is categorised into 3 volumes. Each volume will have several articles, through them we can talk and discuss about topics in 3D animation.

Volume 1 will be covering complete introduction to 3D Computer Graphics (CG). We will talk about, where CG is used and how to use it. We will also talk about using the technology by learning project handling and simplification techniques. In short, we will be learning about animation field as a whole, in this volume.

In the 2nd volume, we will discuss about creating our own animation film. Questions like – ‘How to make a film?’, ‘Which software can be used?’ will be answered here. We will learn most of the animation making concepts and techniques. From fundamental theories to actual production techniques, in this volume, we will talk over them. we will actually do animation and 3D work too. So that making your own animation film will be easier. We will plan for a short animation film and do all necessary steps here.

The 3rd volume will be even more exciting. We will be actually doing and implementing all the knowledge learnt from first 2 volumes. In this last set, I will be showing you the complete process of making our short film. You will actually work on it. Learning through step by step and doing it first hand, you will end up with your animated short film, in your hands.

Q: That looks promising!

That’s not all, I will provide all the necessary files for download whenever required. So that you can use them and work on them. In case of any trouble or difficulties you can always ask me, through ‘Reply’ section below each post.

So stay tuned and read on next posts…


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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.