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A10- Animation Project Pipeline: Post-Production

C. Post production: This is the final phase of the Animation project pipeline. Once the 3D model in done and its animated, the render engine converts it into sequential images. All shots are rendered as per the storyline. Now these rendered shots go through some final treatment. As the painter gives his finishing treatment to the painting, these rendered shots gets processed in this phase. As always, we can divide this phase into 3 stages, in order to better understand it.

Q: Yes, I was expecting this ‘three’ 🙂

Ha..Ha.. Let’s talk about that one by one.


1. Touch-up: This is also called as ‘Compositing’ in technical language. In this stage each shot is processed separately. If there are few corrections to be done, those are tackled in this stage. Such corrections are mainly related to the colours and overall mood of the shot. Most of the ‘special effects’ like lens effects, glow, masking etc.  are added in this very stage. After giving all such effects and correction, each shot become drastically dramatic and catchy.

2. Mix: After each shot is composed and all the correction is done, all the shots are sequenced one after the other, based on the story. Sometimes their order is also modified. If needed some shots are trimmed. Mixing or transition effects are added in between shots if required. This stage is popularly known as ‘Editing’. The audios and music for the film is also mixed, along with the shot sequences. The timing of the shot action and the beats in the music are synced so that it produces a very believable film.

3. Pack: Once the ‘Compositing’ and ‘Mixing’ is done, we get a final synced video. Such videos are typically in formats like mpeg or mp4. When such videos are made the software tries to fit in a small file size, without compromising on quality. This is generally called as ‘Compression’ or ‘Encoding’. This final video can be played back on typical media players in computers or even on TV’s and DVD players. This is the final film that we can show to our audiences or viewers.

Q: Awesome! So, have all the films that we see on DVD or computers, came through this process?

Yes not only this stage but all the 3 phases that we have seen till now. Right from the story, script and storyboard then through modeling, animation and rendering and after that the post-production, each film progresses through such a process pipeline. And I think till now we have covered a lot through many of the previous posts.

Now, this is the time to conclude with the volume 1. I am sure, you must have enjoyed all the posts till now. You must be eagerly waiting to do some animation yourself. So from the next post we will be talking about actually making the animation and our film. From the next post we will start with the volume 2. I will try to make it even more enjoyable. If you need, you can revisit the ‘Overview of this series’. If you have any questions or queries, please do tell them to me. I will surely try to talk over them. I also request you, to give me your feedback, suggestions or comments. You can also like and share our Facebook page. So don’t forget to meet again in the next volume and to have more fun. Ready?… 


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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.