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B01- Our animation film’s story

Welcome to the 2nd Volume of ‘Let’s learn 3D Animation’, the FREE training series. My name is Mahesh Deshpande and I thank you for being with me in the first volume. Now lets begin with talking about our short animation film. Although, this will be a short film, we will be learning a lot by working on it. We will be using 3D animation technique, so there will be lot of fun, next few days.

So, here’s the story…

The story is all about a tiny lamp.

old Lamp

um… A little modern lamp, I mean!


Yes! This little table-lamp is the hero of our film. Name’s ‘Tingu’.
And you must be knowing this…


Q: Its a Rubick’s magic cube

Yes, but its not just a magic cube. It is a ‘really magical’ magic cube.
Once upon a time, our little ‘Tingu’ decides to solve the colours of the cube.
He is very determined about it.
As decided he actually solves the cube.
How? lets see it on the screen!

(Curtain raises of the theatre.)


(Title appears: ‘Tingu’)


(Then mush…mu…..sh…….hhh….)


Wait! How can you see it on the screen?
We haven’t made the film yet!


ha..ha…ha… Good one….right?
Just kidding…

OK, jokes apart. Let me tell you the actual story.
Once after waking up our little Tingu finds the cube. He becomes curious and decides to solve it. He tries very hard. Very very hard. But after trying for so many times he is not able to solve it. He gets angry. He knocks the cube with head and the cube hits the wall. And what’s this? All the colours are matched? ‘Tingu’ gets surprised. After repeating it again by hitting the cube on wall the cube keeps solving and shuffling. He gets the trick. He finally solves it. He starts dancing in joy. And our story ends.

Our short animation film is based on this very small story. Don’t ask me why we will have such a small story. You will come to know it later. But you got the idea of our story, I hope.

Q: Wow, I am already imagining ‘Tingu’ solving the cube. This will be a very good film, I think.

You know, ‘Toy story’ is the worlds first full length 3D animation film. It was released in 1995. It was developed by an animation company, called ‘PIXAR’ jointly with ‘Walt Disney Company’. Now the ‘PIXAR’ has a ‘Table-lamp’ as its brand ambassador and in its logo. Our ‘Tingu’ is designed taking inspiration from the ‘PIXAR’s logo.

Now our common goal will be to finish this short animation. The purpose behind this is to get acquainted with 3D animation. Many of you will actually select this field as your career, can decide to go deeper and learn even more. I will be with you to guide you. We will be using computer and softwares as a medium. As talked earlier, we will write the script, make storyboards. We will learn the 3D softwares to do the modeling and animation. You will be actually doing all this. I will give you many files to download, so that you can save much of your time. Going ahead step by step, we will see the complete film getting made.

I will talk on this more in the upcoming posts. So don’t forget to visit again. And yes, tell me what you think about our story and our entire series too! See you next time.


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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.