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B02- Preparations

As decided earlier we are soon going to start making our short animation film. We will progress through all phases like pre-production, production and post-production. We will see the storyboard based on our story, we will write the script. Further, we will make the 3D models, do animation and then render our shots from them. At the end we will make a combined video in editing and post-production. 


This will let us touch almost all important aspects of 3D computer graphics. We will need some softwares to do this. To make it easier for you, we will use some free but powerful softwares. I will give the download links when required. But before proceeding ahead, you must have some preparation done.

This complete series is targeted for those who have a penchant for it as well as for those who want to turn it into their career. We are mainly focusing on the 3D graphics part of it. However there is one condition, you must be eagerly wanting to go ahead. Without your proactive participation this can not be enjoyable and useful. Some other technical details are as follows:

1. Hardware: We will be doing almost all our work on a computer, so you must have a computer available to you. This is our primary requirement. There is no special configuration required. Even if it is not very up-to-date or not very modern, still it will do for our purposes. It can be based on Intel or AMD like any processor. So you need not worry too much about it. 

You will also need an internet connection. So that you can download the files and models that I will be providing. Some of the future posts will contain video files. So internet connection will be very important.

(Note: If you can visit our office, we can provide a copy of this complete set for FREE.)

2. Operating system: The softwares we will be using work on almost all operating systems. So your computer may have Windows, Mac or Linux, any such OS is fine. But we are assuming that you have the basic knowhow of using or handling the computer. Happy?

3. Softwares: This is the key part. This series is NOT targeted to teach you a specific software. Instead our aim is to get introduced with the fundamentals of CG. The fundamentals are common in all graphics softwares. So the choice of software can vary from person to person. You have complete FREEDOM of selecting the software for you as your career. 

However, in order to keep it organised and easy, I have picked up some softwares. For this series, we all will be using those softwares. Now the best part is that most of them are absolutely FREE. You can happily and officially use them for any kind of creative work, even for commercial work. So having respect for other softwares and their makers, we will use these softwares.We will talk on this in detail later.

Once you are prepared with this you are good to go. If you have any technical problem, you can always ask me. Each post has a special ‘Leave a Reply’ section below it. I will try my best to solve your problems. So, see you next time.

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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.