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B04- The story and Plot

In the very first post of this volume, we have talked about the story of our animation film. Remember anything about the story?

Q: Yes. It was about a table lamp, ‘Tingu’.

Yes. Now as a part of pre-production work, we have to write a script for our film. So lets talk about how we can plot our story.

Typically, the ‘Simple present tense’ is used to write a story or script. The story is told in a way, as if it is happening right now. To convey the story to the viewer in a better way it is typically broken down in parts.

Q: I will not be surprised if there are 3 parts.

Yes, often it is divided in 3 parts. Each such part is called as an ACT.

ACT 1 is about story establishment. It is used to introduce the viewers to the characters and the general theme of the story. In our story, we can use it to introduce Tingu and his surroundings. At first, probably, there can be a clock which will eventually sound its alarm. This can be the ‘Trigger event’ of our story. Tingu will wake up, will look here and there. He notices the magic cube and so on. In this way, we can evolve the scene in-front of the audience.

Next comes the ACT 2, the main story part. Tingu plans to solve the cube. He dreams of the cube with all colours solved. Very much joyfully, he starts matching it. But where are his hands? He uses his ‘head’ and the base to turn the cube. He tries very hard. Turns the cube in different ways. He flips it, rotates it, turns it, rolls it, does everything but is unable to solve it. This way, by showing his repeated efforts, we can lift our audience or viewers to the climax of the story team management app. This is the very goal of the 2nd ACT.

Now ACT 3 is for the resolution. Its about the solution, the ‘getting out’ of the problem that our Hero is facing. Tingu is now angry having tried all the way. In anger, he throws the cube away, out of his sight. The cube drops on the table, after hitting the wall. Wow, all of its colours are matched already! Just to be sure of that, Tingu hits the cube several times, to find it magically solving and shuffling. He becomes very happy and jumps with joy. And our story ends.

So this is our rough story line and plot. But of-course, we have to add many technical details in it. Like shot numbers, camera angles etc. But for now, we will not go into it. To write the script, you can use any software like Microsoft Word or free softwares like Open-office Writer or Apple Pages, which I use mostly. If we convert this story and script into several sketches that will be nothing but the story-board. In future post we will look at the storyboards. I think you will enjoy it. So lets see next time…

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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.