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B07- Modeling in Blender

We talked about installing Blender and about the interface of Blender. You must be having Blender running on you computer, right? You might have tried using it already by now. Now lets understand how we can do things like modeling, animation and rendering in Blender. In the 3rd volume we are going to use blender deeply. So lets begin with modeling.

In the previous post, you have seen a ‘Ring’ appearing when you click somewhere in the viewport. This ring is called the ‘3D Cursor’ in Blender. Any new object is added on this cursor. We also have seen the menu below the viewport and used the Add menu to add new Cylinder. We are going to use such commands a lot. To simplify this, I will write it like this henceforth:

3D view > Add > Mesh > Cylinder

So that you can click the menus one by one.

Now lets try to make a simple Table. And that to only using the ‘Cubes’.

Q: What? From only cubes?

Yes. If we try to shrink the cube vertically, then it can be used as a table top, right? And if we make 4 tall cubes then we can use them as the legs. Got it? Will you do it with me?

Q: Great! I am ready.

Lets start by creating a new fresh file in Blender. There’s a menu at the topmost left corner.

Click File> New >

In the option, click ‘Reload Start-up File’ or Press ‘Enter’. This will create a fresh file.

Now ‘Right-click’ on the cube in the viewport. We want to make the table top of it. Now keep the mouse inside the viewport and press ’N’ on the Keyboard. This will open a Panel on the right side. You can scroll it using mouse wheel. You will find many tools and options in this panel, but lets not go deep into it for now. Just look at the very upper part of it. You will find a sections called ‘Transform’. Inside it there are 4 parts- ‘Location, Rotation, Scale and Dimensions’.


Right? We will use only these options to make our table. Now in the ‘Dimensions’ section, you will find ‘2’ typed in all X, Y ,Z axes. These are the dimensions of the selected cube. This shows that the cube is 2 units in length, width and height. Lets consider for now that this is 2 meters. We will see actual units later.

We can have the table top of approx. 2m x 1m in size and it can be around 8 to 10cm thick. So we need to make the cube having 2m x 1m x 10cm in dimension. We can type that directly in the X, Y and Z dimension section. The X dimension is already 2 so we need not change it. Now Click the ‘Y’ dimension, type ‘1’ and press ‘Enter’. This will scale the cube down in Y axis. Now in Z we need the type ‘0.1’ as 10cm is 0.1m. So type ‘0.1’ in the Z dimension and press Enter. Now the cube is no more a ‘cube’ but has become a flat box. Try viewing closer and around the box.


Now lets model the 4 legs. We will add 4 more cube and scale them down.

Add the first leg cube by clicking

3D view > Add > Mesh > Cube.

A new cube will be added. Now as before, change the dimensions to be

X: 0.1, Y:0.1 and Z: 0.8

This will make it look like a leg, we will move it now on place.

You can use the arrows to move the ‘leg’. Try moving it and place it on one of the corner of the table. You will have to use X, Y and Z axis handles one by one.

Now you can add 3 more legs, scale them down as above and place them on the corners. This will make our table complete.


You can view the finished table from many angles. Try viewing it, make it your habit. Now we will do the MOST important task. We have to Save our file, right?

Click on the top main menu

File > Save >

In the File name text area, type something like ‘My Table’ etc and click ‘Save’.

Now you have a good understanding of creating simple models. Try making more similar models around you. If you could not find any thing, ask me. In the next post, we will see how we can do Animation in Blender.


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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.

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