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B11- Tingu and some sketching

Script and storyboard goes hand in hand. A storyboard elaborates the concepts about the characters and the backgrounds. Storyboards are a pictorial or visualised version of the script. This lets us easily grasp the events or actions in the story. Lot of sketches for characters and backgrounds are made to understand the look. Such sketches help a lot when we start the 3D modeling in the production phase. The look of a model is maintained by referring to these sketches. In animation phase, the sketches provide vital information like the emotions and body language of the characters. Such concept sketches can give precise directions for the production ahead.

In this post, i am going to show you some of the concept sketches. All these sketches are helpful to understand the characters and will also help while making the full story-boards. All of us will find it easy to see the ‘same’ Tingu by using the sketches. Of course these sketches are not very realistic. But these sketches will surely serve our purpose. If you are an artist, you will be able to draw much better and useful than this.

Here is the 1st sketch, of our hero, ‘Tingu’.


Q: Great, Its a good sketch.

This sketch makes it very clear to understand how Tingu looks. As we talked in one of the very early post, that our Tingu is inspired for the PIXAR logo. So I have tried to maintain almost the same look in this concept. Once we master the different 3d graphics areas, we can surely design our own concepts.

This the the sketch of ‘Rubik’s cube.


In our story, Tingu tries to match or solve the colours of the magic cube. The efforts of solving the cube can be visualised in these sketches. Tingu and the cube are both present in it.


After the colours are matched, Tingu becomes very happy and in jumps in joy. This is shown here.


We must also have to think about the background along with our main characters. As our story says, Tingu will be on a table. So there will be few other things on the table. May be it will be in a study-room, that the story will progress. So how the room will look?


I have tried to highlight many things in this sketch. e.g. the moon crescent outside the window tells that its a night scene. There is an alarm clock behind Tingu team management tools. May be the boy living there have set a morning alarm. Or why not, our Tingu himself has set a ‘Night alarm’ to wake up at night. Surely, he must be sleeping throughout the day, isn’t it? You will also notice many other things placed (or scattered :D) all around the table.

Q: Yes, my study table is also full of scattered things.

Anyways, but by looking at these sketches, you must have clearly visualised the scenes in our story. If you have visualised even a smallest concept in front of your eyes, then you are eligible to enter in the world of Animation. Because this IS the world of visualisation.

So lets see again in the next post, to talk more and have fun.

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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.

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