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B12- Tingu script and storyboard- part 1

We will see the actual script of our film now. The full script is very long so we will have 3 parts for each ACT and see it one by one. While reading it, you have to pay attention to the structure and the way of formatting it. Because in a script, even a minute thing may have big meaning. There are some trends as I mentioned earlier, to write the script. Like when to have new paragraph, whether we align text to the left or middle etc. I have taken reference from such trends only.

Q: I will pay attention to the formatting.

Yes, but the actual revealing of the story is always more important than the format of the script. Writing scripts is a completely different ball game. Sometimes scripts feel very difficult to read and scripts are difficult. That is why we need storyboards. Storyboards are mostly like scripts but they also tell much story than plain scripts. Even if ‘technically’ scripts are important, the storyboards are quickly understood. Hence, I am providing both, the script and the storyboard images of our film together here. Also, a download link for the complete script is available at the end of this post.

All the storyboard images are drawn quickly by ‘Nitesh’, an artist at ‘Advaita Studios’. You will find it much easier to visualise the story by referring these storyboards. So lets begin with our stories ACT1. This ACT will introduce the characters and the environment to the viewers. In the story, Tingu will find the cube and his daily routine will change.

“The Adventures of Tingu”
Script V2.3 Act 1 


        Starts with blank screen, BG is Black / Dark blue.
The title text appears – ‘The Adventures of Tingu’. The text is White / light pale yellow and the word Tingu is primarily in size and focus. The font of the text is such that the dot on the ‘i’ is perfectly a circle.
The letters from the text starts disappearing one by one, outer to inner, except the dot above ‘i’. The dot transforms to be a moon crescent, within few seconds. And some stars appears slowly to reveal a sky and moon view. 
        Sounds: of Crickets as in night.

A11- टिंगूचं टायटल

‘Tingu’ Title

A20- सीन असा दिसेल

Scene look

Camera moves backward and passes through a window frame. 
Camera slowly enters the study room through its window. Moon is scaling up in size to be viewed bigger through window.
        Sounds: Cricket sound slowly dims. wind / curtain flapping.
        LongShot of tingu’s study room <2 Ht=1.7m
Night lights are on. Larger moon crescent is visible through the window. Window curtains moving slowly. Besides the window, there is a study table. Many objects are lying on the study table. A table lamp, books, pen stand, alarm clock etc. are visible. One wall mounted soft-board partly visible. Also one book shelf is partly visible. 
        Sounds: Clock ticking sound at BG.

        LongShot of rack <2 Ht=1.5m, camera slightly moving in.
Books and other things visible in the rack.

        MediumCloseUp of soft board <12.5 Ht=1m, slightly moving in.
Paper cuttings, time table, film posters etc. and other things are pinned on it. A Photo of the kid is visible. Some names and cartoons drawn on it. Few extra pins and sketch pens and pencils are in the base stand on the board.

<a href="http://advaita-studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Tingu-StoryBoard-A21 project team management.jpg”>A21- कपाटं


A22- सॉफ़्ट्बोर्ड

Soft board

        CloseUp of Flower pot <11.5 Ht=below window, moving in.
Curtain and flowers in the pot are waving due to breeze and wind. Moon light shadows on window frame, walls and study table also moving. 
        Sounds: Clock sound slightly more prominent.

A23- फ़्लॉवरपॉट

Flower pot


        MediumCloseUp of Tingu <9.5, Ht= near table. 
The tingu is sleeping with kid like posture i.e. sleeping on the stomach. Motion of breathing, (inhale and exhale). The bulb in the lamp is off. 
        Sounds: Breathing, Snoring. Clock prominent now.

A24- टिंगू झोपलेला आहे

Tingu is sleeping

        CloseUp of clock <10.5, Ht= Above clock, Slowly moving Close. 
The hands are ticking. Clock showing 09:59 pm time. 
        Sounds: The clock ticking sound is loud. 
        Camera continues to ExtremeCloseUp to the clock hands. 
Clock hand moves to show 10:00pm. Immediately the alarm starts ringing, the clock starts vibrating. 
        Sound: ticking ends and loud alarm rings.

A31- अचानक गजर होतो

It Alarms

        LongShot of tingu’s study room <2 Ht=1.7m (similar to A11)
The clock continues jumping, vibrating and rotating nearby its position. 
        Sounds: Alarm with clock vibration and table hit.


        CloseUp of Clock <2 Ht= Above clock
Clock is vibrating. Suddenly Alarm is stopped. Tingu in stretched pose, is railing on the clock button. Remains in that pose for a while. Tingu relaxes and breaths out as the alarm is off, still in the stretched pose.

A41- टिंगू खडबडून जागा होतो

Tingu wakes up

A43- relax होतो

Tingu relaxes

        LongShot of Tingu <12.5 Ht=Just above Tingu. Contd. from above.
Tingu rises up from the stretched pose. Tingu yawns (inverted C arc). After yawning he will keep looking towards clock. Tingu nods his head. The light in the Tingu’s head turns on. He is fresh now. Tingu starts looking here and there to observes things around him.

A51- आळस देतो


A52- इकडेतिकडे बघतो

looks around

        PointOfView of Tingu. 
Clock in focus with headlight on. Clock is ticking and showing 10:02pm. POV camera looks here and there and notices one strange object. (Rubick’s cube). Camera first passes over the object but then snaps back to focus it.

A53a- पुन्हा घड्याळाकडे बघताना

Watching the clock

A53b- अचानक नवीन वस्तू दिसते

found something!


‘Link to download the complete script’

We will see the ACT 2 in the next post.

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