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B13- Tingu script and storyboard- part 2

In the last post, we started the script and storyboards of our film. Tingu’s routine is shown in our first ACT. But one day something happens and it creates a story out of it. In fact that is why, we do make films from it. We will see the 2nd ACT now.

Once Tingu finds a strange thing, when he wakes up, in the morning, oh sorry, at night. The thing happens to be a magic cube. This triggers changes in his daily life. Now he has a unusual purpose, to solve the cube! We will have to take our viewers to a climax of our story. I have tried to achieve the same in this ACT.

“The Adventures of Tingu”
Script V2.3 Act 2 


        LongShot of Tingu <12.5 Ht=Just above Tingu.
Tingu moves his head back in surprised emotions looking at Cube. Then leans Forward. Jumps towards the cube and observes the cube from above and from side-ways.

टिंगूला क्यूब दिसतो

Tingu sees the cube

क्यूब निरखून बघतो

observes it

        LongShot of Tingu. Same as above. Will animate to frame Cloud.
Tingu thinks and looks towards camera. A thinking cloud appears besides him. The cloud shows completely solved Rubick’s cube. Tingu excitingly nods his head, to suggest that he is going to finish the colour puzzle.

रंग लावायचं सुचतं

Dreams of colour solve

टिंगू जवळ येतो

comes closer

        MediumCloseUp of Tingu <9.5 Ht=Near Table.
Tingu rolls the cube on in-side and then pulls it into his base. Tingu rotates the cube top row. Then rolls the cube on out-side. Then turns it.

रंग बघतो

observes colours

पायात धरून फिरवतो

holds in base


        LongShot of tingu, <11 Ht=Over Tingu
He becomes happy and nods his head excitedly looking towards camera, as if audience is encouraging him. Few ghost Tingu will come out, from the original Tingu. Then all will simultaneously do action.  Motion blurred actions. Central cube is in blurred state. Tingu stops. The cube is almost solved.

झपाट्यानी अनेक वेळा फिरवतो

hard try

        MediumCloseUp of Tingu, <1.5 
Tingu carefully rotates top line. The top side completely matches. Tingu rolls the cube out-side. The other side is also solved.

        Closeup of cube, <1.5 Ht=Over Tingu
Tingu jumps with joy. Rolls on other side. Pulls in. Turns the top row. Finds the earlier side is now mismatched. Tingu becomes sad. Tingu nods head to encourage himself. and again start attempting. Tingu rolls the cube outward.


        MediumCloseUp of Tingu <10 slightly top down. 
Cube is outside the base. Tingu turns it. Pulls the cube into base.

        CloseUp of Tingu. <11 Camera placed on table. 
Tingu Rotates the top row.

पुन्हा फिरवतो

again and again

क्यूब उलट करून बघतो

flips and turns

        MediumCloseUp of Cube <12.5
Tingu rolls the cube out. Turns it 180deg.

        MediumCloseUp of Tingu <10 slightly top down, Same as B31 
Tingu observes the cube. Colours are still not matched. Tingu breaths out and nods in disappointment. Rolls cube aside. Observes. Finds that few colours are still mismatched. Tingu sadly knocks his head on cube.

        LongShot of tingu, <11 Ht=Over Tingu Same as B21
Motion blurred and Ghost actions. Similar to earlier ghost shot. Multiple Tingu doing the action.

झपाट्यानी अनेक वेळा फिरवतो

tries hard again

‘Link to download the complete script’

I the next post, we will see the last ACT of our script.

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