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B14- Tingu script and storyboard- part 3

Till ACT 3 the story reaches at its peak. Tingu decides to solve the cube. He tries hard. Even after failing several times he keeps solving. At every shot, the tension is increasing. Colours at one side are matching but failing on other. No sign of solution is seen. Almost frustrated and angry Tingu, throws the cube away. The cube hits the wall but its colours are surprisingly matched. A paper roll drops on his head. He notices the solved cube. He becomes happy. Spins the cube with joy, like a football. Unconsciously, he hits the cube again, which hits and breaks the window glass. Tingu shocks, looks at us and our story ends.

“The Adventures of Tingu”
Script V2.3 Act 3 


        LongShot of Tingu, <2 Ht=Above Tingu
Few colours are still mismatching on sides. Tingu in anger looks up and moves his vibrating head. His lamp bulb colour turns reddish and bright and starts fluctuating. Angrily looking at cube, he strongly hits it away, towards the wall. With sad feeling looks down and breaths out in anger. The cube hits the globe, rack, wall and other objects and finally falls on the table. Tingu ignores the cube. 
        Sound: Hitting sounds of all objects.
        Camera Animates to ExtremeCloseup of cube. Tingu in BG.
All colours seems to be solved.

Tingu-StoryBoard-C33b A53b- अचानक नवीन वस्तू दिसते

        WideCloseUP of Roll <10 Ht=Above the rack looking down.
A paper roll on rack is imbalanced, tumbling and starts falling over Tingu.


        MediumCloseUp of Table, <2 Ht=Above Tingu, Rack in BG. 
The roll drops on Tingu’s head. Then drops away, out of the table. Tingu look ahead at the cube and gets surprised to see all matched.


        LongShot of table. Same as A11
Tingu jumps around the cube observing it. Looks at the walls as if he is thinking. Looks at the camera and moves his head to understand what has happened. Again looks at Cube determined. Tingu hits the cube again. Cube hits the wall then hits the Clock and bounces back to the table. Clock falls down on its face. Now all the colours are disturbed.

        LongShot of Tingu, <10.5 Ht=Just over table.
Tingu jumps near the cube. Looks at the wall. Hits the cube again. Cube goes out of frame. Tingu looking and tracking the cube. Cube comes towards his head. Tingu bends down to avoid. Cube fall down. All colours are now solved. Tingu rises and looks at the cube.

Tingu-StoryBoard-C42b Tingu-StoryBoard-C43b


        MediumCloseUp of Tingu, <10.5 animate till <2 Ht=Over Cube.
Tingu takes a roll about himself with joy. Jumps and hits the table looking at the cube. The cube gets bounced off the table while spinning.        
Tingu tosses the spinning cube with his base. Tingu then reaches and balances the cube on to his head. Makes one round while balancing.
Joyfully pushes the cube up in air. And hits it hard towards the window side. The cube goes off the camera.
        Camera stops, <2 similar to A11, But window is not visible.
        Sound: Glass breaking. 
Shockingly leaning back, Tingu looks towards the window.
        Sound: More sounds of cube hitting few objects, 2 / 3 times.
Tingu gets scared and moves his head back and down. As the sound stops, Tingu looks back to the camera. A circular black mask shrinks in towards the head of the Tingu. The Black circle pauses for few frames and then completely cover the screen.

Tingu-StoryBoard-C52b Tingu-StoryBoard-C53a

        The End plate, Credits scroll, etc.

‘Link to download the complete script’

Q: Well this was a very good script.

This was the most important part of the pre-production. Soon we can now go ahead towards actual work. In the next post, we will talk about the ‘Production design’ of our film and the 2nd volume of ‘Let’s learn 3D animation’ will finish. We will start the actual work in volume 3. So stay tuned.

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