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C01- Beginning the production

Hello again! My name is Mahesh Deshpande and I welcome you to the third volume of ‘Let’s Learn 3D Animation’. Whilst discussing about computer graphics and 3D animation, we are just about to start the real production of our ‘Tingu’ short-film. We will go through all the process to develop the short, in this third volume. We are going to actually work inside software, whatever we have been talking till now.

Throughout this entire volume I will be giving you many files to download.  You will be able to use and open the file onto your computer to study them. Also we will learn by following them. Following is the general overview of the volume 3:

We have talked about our workflow in the last Production Design post. We will go along with the flow and the lists that we discussed in that post.

We will begin with the modeling stage of Production. We will see the modeling process of few models from start. We can follow along it by trying it in Blender. Some of the models are slightly complex for you to model (at this learning stage). So I will show you the process and also give you the ready models for download. Once we have all the models ready, we will have a look on the colours and textures, which is called surfacing, of it. So that the models will start looking more realistic. For some models, we will also need to see the rigging part, as we will be animating them later on.

We will then make a ‘Set’ out-of all the models that we will build. This set will be used to ‘Shoot’ our film. Means we are going to animate everything on this Set. We will be doing all the lighting and other setting on this set. We will do all shot by shot animation using this Set. This will be the most exciting and important stage during this production. Once the models and specially our ‘Tingu’ will start moving, you too will surely enjoy!

After finishing the animation for all the shots, we will go through the rendering. The animation will start looking very real after rendering. We have already discussed that the software has to create pictures for all individual frames one by one. This stage is very time consuming. Even standard computers take hours to finish the rendering. I will show you all the important settings of rendering, but will directly give you readily rendered shots. This will save your time and you can study the shots.

The rendered shots will need some compositing and editing. I will show you the editing in blender. We will also add some audio and music to the rendered videos.

While going through these steps we will have our first great short-film ready! You are waiting to make it, right? We will make it. Not only that, we need not stop here. Along with the ‘Advaita Studios team’, I will keep on adding and improving such training sessions. We are also planning to bring-up some video training series too. We will be always available to help and guide you.

So let’s meet again in the next post!

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Posted by Mahesh Deshpande

Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. Having wide career experience in Design, 3d graphics and animation, since 1998. Actively involved in various 3d graphics programs and training.

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