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C08- Quick Note

Hello, I Mahesh Deshpande, want to address everyone through today’s post. We have started with modelling, next few posts will deal with subjects like materials, Animation and Rendering. The next few parts will be complicated so I want to bring them to you in the form of videos. This will make them easier to follow is what I think.

This whole process includes a lot of efforts from our artists at Advaita Studios. They have been working on creating material for this training series, while managing their busy day to day office schedule. Going ahead I would like to connect you with them. We will work on many training videos together. You will be able to interact with these artists directly, ask them questions. We will all try to answer your queries.

While we continue with the series we think it is very important that we receive your feedback. Every feedback that we get gives us a boost. So through this post we want to request you to send us your feedbacks. Especially send us your suggestions on the following subjects:

1. Would you like to give suggestion for improvements on the topics that we have covered before or for the future posts.?
2. What would you prefer, training through videos or the current text medium is convenient?
3. Are you facing any issues while working in Blender at home?
4. Are you comfortable communicating with us? Are there any problems you are facing in communication?

If you want to express anything in this matter, please feel free to use the ‘Reply’ Section.

Is the fourth point applicable to you?
To get in touch with us, you have many simple options. You can directly connect with us through facebook page post your feedback there.

Otherwise, you can make use of the ‘Leave a Reply’ section available below every post. If language is a barrier while typing, ‘English akshara vaprun marathit vicharalat tari chalel’ 🙂 no worries!

It is our sincere request that you share your opinion, feedback, doubts and questions with us. This will help us take the training series in the right direction. We will try to make the next posts more interesting and useful and make them helpful in your 3D carrier. Namaste.


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