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C10- Use of materials

The look of the models differs a lot through materials. We can see many minute details on the surface of the model through use of materials. Materials in a 3D software are used to show from what substance the object is made of. We got a brief introduction of materials in the previous post. Let us now apply some materials to the models of our film.

The real magic of materials can be seen after rendering. We can see the finer details of the objects, its shades, the effect of light and shadows after rendering it. So materials and rendering are considered together. We will now render our flower pot and see how rendering is done through the camera.

Like we can give different materials to different objects, we can give different materials to different patterns of the same object. E.g. We can give different materials to different squares of the Rubik’s Cube.

Q: All these examples show same colour applied throughout. But can we create any material like wood that can show the design and different shade of wood?

Yes, like we apply a colour in diffuse, in the same way we can give a photo of wood as well. This is called ‘Texturing’ in 3D language. This technique is a little different so we will not go into it right now. But let us check out how an object looks when a texture is applied.

In this way we will apply materials to all our objects and make them ready for rendering. Our scene will come to life when we render it after animation. We will see it going forward.


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