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C11- Some ready models

In the previous post we have seen how to apply different materials to different objects. In this post I will show you some ready models. You can create similar models taking these objects as reference. Even if you are not able to create some models, I will be giving these ready models for download in the next post.

We had created a table earlier. A complete table might look like this.

This table is made of many different parts, small and large. They are shown below.

You too can do it yourself. In same way, we can create some objects that will be kept on the table. Like ‘Earth Globe’.

This model too is made from different parts. The parts are also named to make them easier to find.

Each part is made of many polygons, this can be seen here.

The clock is also made of different parts and many polygons.

We can now see how the models will look ones they are ready and materials are applied.

This way, when the models are ready and materials are applied, they can be kept on the set of our film. We can work on animation when complete set is ready. We will see how to prepare the entire set in some future post.


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