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C13- Tingu- Model and Materials

After learning how to rig a Rubik’s cube, let us now get to know our main character’s model. He is our Tingu. In the next chapters we will see its rigging and animation.
Let us see how the model is created. This video will show how the different parts are placed together and how various modifiers are applied to these parts.

Let us see how these parts are made by going to the Edit mode. You will be able to see the vertex, edge and polygon structure of different parts.

Let us now check the materials of these parts.

Materials are very useful while rendering. Lights and camera are also used along side the object. In this next video we will place 2 lights around Tingu and check how the render looks through a camera.

If the render setting is done right, then the output will also look good. But for this lights and materials are equally important. Next video shows the image after rendering.

In the next post we will see some important points regarding rigging and animation of the same model of Tingu.

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