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C14- Tingu- Rigging and Animation

It is a lot of fun to animate model like Tingu. Few posts back we had seen the rigging of a Rubik’s Cube along with its animation. We also have to animate Tingu thats why I have created a special rig for this. This is called Skeletal Rigging, which mean we have to actually create a skeletal frame with joints. Each joint controls a certain movement. We use some handles to pose and animate the model. 

Compared to Rubik’s Cube, this rigging is quite complex, which is why I’ll directly introduce you with ready to use Tingu’s rig. There is a different mode in blender called Pose Mode to animate such types of rigs. We have used ‘Object Mode’ and ‘Edit Mode’ before, this too is one of the different modes. Pose mode is used only for models with a skeletal rig. Like in the edit mode, vertex and edges are made available, similarly in Pose mode we gain access to the joints of the skeleton.

This video will show you how the Tingu’s rig will work when in Pose mode.

Now we will see how we can pose Tingu in different poses by moving and rotating the different joints of the rig.

Q: So does it mean that if we give animation keys while posing, will it create our animation?
Yes, definitely, we had seen pose by pose animation in the past, this IS pose by pose animation. You remember, don’t you!

Let us see another animation.

We will get our complete short film doing such pose to pose animation. Lets see a shot as a preview.

So, What do you think? Are you having fun?
We will have more fun in the next posts, till then!

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