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C17- Camera animation of a shot

In this post we will see how to do a complete camera animation shot. We will ofcourse start with a small and easy shot.

Do you remember at the start of our film there is a shot where the camera moves from outside to the interior of the room. According to this shot, first we see the title, then the moon and then the camera enters the room to show us all the objects. We will select this shot as it is relatively simple. You can find the script and storyboards for our short film in the files I had previously shared with you. If you want you can check the files again to get an exact idea about what we want to show in the shot.

For now, we will not concern ourselves with the title, moon or sky. We will work on them later. We will only focus on how to animate the camera. As per this shot, the camera will be first outside the room and then it will enter inside in a few seconds. We will consider this duration to be 5 seconds i.e. 120 frames. This is because, in our settings we have set 1 second to be 24 frames. In short there will be animation keys on the 1st and 120th frames. One when the camera is outside the room and one when it is inside. Every time we will move and rotate the camera, therefore there will give keyframes for move and rotate as well.

After the animation is done we can check it from different views, we can use the camera perspective view or the other orthographic views. This will confirm that the animation plays correctly.

If there are any mistakes in the animation, then these get highlighted by reviewing the animation in viewport. But many times it happens that we dont get the judgement of the shot timing while checking in viewport. This is why checking a rendered video is very important. A basic quality quick render is useful in such cases. For this, there is a option in blender for viewport recording. This is called ‘viewport capturing’, lets see how it works.

You can try animation this way. You can work on other shots as well. In the next post we will animate a shot with Tingu in it.

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  1. Dear Mahesh,
    I follow all your post and also share it with friends.Great work. Keep it up!!


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