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C18- Animation of a Tingu’s shot

Now that we have animated a camera in the last post, in this post we will take up a shot where Tingu needs to be animated. We will see how to use the Tingu’s rig to do animation.

We will select the shot ‘B31-Rapid-Pull’ from the script. This shot shows us that Tingu starts to solve the Rubik’s cube with intensity. 

Let us first see the script and story board for this shot.

For animation, we will use the ‘Master Scene’ from the Scenes folder. This file has the entire set and all the models already present in their place. Let us ‘Save As’ this scene especially for the next animation.

Next 3 videos show actual working of an animator while he does the animation. This will enable you to understand how an animator works. You can pause and replay the video number of times for your understanding.

Lets create a viewport capture to review the completed animation. This too is a type of rendering, so depending on your computer’s configuration the redering time will vary.

We can now check the viewport capture of the animated shot. Your animated whot might look a little different. This is not a problem, experiment on the animations and review the different animations that you have done.

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