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      Pre-Visualisation is a great medium to convey the design ideas across. Visualising engineer’s design becomes very vital, in design decisions and forecasting. The real manufacturing of any machine or product is often very expensive. Any mistake, in designing it’s style or form, can turn it unaffordable during production. With the help of pre-visualisation, we can forecast different elements of design alternatives and thus save a lot of efforts.

ist-engg-926-ispat      3D computer graphics, is today’s most commonly used means for Engineering visualisation. The key benefit of using 3D graphics is in it’s high accuracy. We can create realistic visuals to convey the feel and experience to the viewers using 3D rendered graphics.

      Engineers or designer can benefit from 3D visuals, to calculate and iterate the design and planning. While the client on the other hand can get the experience, without going in to technical details.

“Visualisation, is an art of creating two-dimensional images or animations showing the attributes of a proposed design.”

      The Engineering Visualisation industry is very unique. The demand of Engineering visualisers keep rising, as new concepts and machinery are being built. To grow in such a highly technical industry, one needs high proficiency in producing convincing visuals and renderings.


Advaita Studios presents

“In-Studio Training in 3D Engineering Visualisation”

About the course

      This course is designed, to provide practical knowledge and professional level experience. It helps you build, all the required skills and techniques. After finishing this training, you can immediately start working in the industry. You will be able to develop highly convincing renderings and animation videos of machines and robots to fully functioning factories.

ist-engg-500-busplant      The complete course is split in two parts. The first one is a 6 month core training followed by a 3 month full-time internship. Here are the details of them:

      The core training includes 600 hrs of sessions with 4 hrs a day batch. During this training you will be trained by professionals. The sessions include lectures, projector-room training, live demonstrations by experts, practicals, assignments and home work. You will learn everything by actually doing it and getting hands on experience. There are occasional guest expert lectures. We also allow students for additional practice hours.


      The core training progresses through 3 stages, one by one. Each roughly of 2 months.

      Elementary stage: This stage is specifically designed to build foundation for the course. Fundamental skills like drawing, sketching, understanding colours and lighting are studied. In this stage you will get an overview of film-making and visualisation as a whole. You will also learn about 3D graphics, use of it in filming and visualisation and also get started to use 3D softwares.


      Intermediate stage: The intermediate stage, starts with the study of engineering visuals, mechanisms, units, scale and accuracy. You will be thoroughly trained for the actual production pipeline right from pre-production upto scene organisation. You will learn to develop 3D animations of industrial components and also learn to make them look photo-realistic. This is the stage where you will acquire all the key factors of the industrial visualisation. You will be given with many assignments, so that you can understand every minute detail of the process.

ist-engg-500-roboeggs      Advanced stage: This is the stage which is mostly unique to Advaita Studios. You will learn very advanced types of animation technology, required for handling complex mechanisms and robotics. In this stage you will learn many professional practices that can let you handle big projects. Right from asset gathering to project organisation, you will go through the most vital areas of professionalism. Background music, compositing and editing specially focusing on such projects will be covered in this stage. And finally we help you develop your own portfolio of work, your website, and ultimately your strong resume.

ist-engg-300-busbody      The internship is a great opportunity to directly work on real projects. You will be given that for 3 months. During this tenure you will be given real project assignments and guidance from our production team. Our studio team will help you work better by showing you many production tips. You will be also finishing your final project. We provide you access to our render-farm to help you finish high resolution renderings and walk-through. You will also get stipend during the internship.

Advantages of In-Studio Training at Advaita Studios.

      Today there is a serious demand for good career guidance and training in 3D Graphics industry. Almost none of the training institutes are involved in ‘Actual production’. Most of the trainers in institutes don’t actually have any real production experience. And very few ‘Real production houses’ provide training. But freshers require the exact same thing, ‘Training from industry professionals’. A good trainer has to have real production experience. But we rarely get such a golden combination of ‘experience and training ability’.
ASPL-LOGO-WhiteOnAlpha-SQ160      This is where, Advaita Studios comes into the picture. Advaita Studios is an experienced visualisation company, providing services to Architectural, Engineering and other sectors for many years. In-fact our senior team members have more than 15 years of experience. We, at Advaita Studios, understand the need of training a student with proficiency. So that more and more efficient 3D graphic professionals can be developed. Inside Advaita Studios’ training programs, you get direct access and learning from the real production people, in the real ‘In-studio’ environment. All the training programs are specially designed with practical and application oriented approach. We provide training to such a level that, as soon as you pass-out, we would love to hire you. And we often do that!

ASPL Portfolio mix 980 x 450

      Visualisation is the back-bone of this training. All of these courses are built, from ground up, to focus on visualisation skills. Different activities are embedded throughout the sessions, to improve visualisation ability.

What you get:

      Once you enroll to the course, you will get all of these benefits:

  • Training from industry experts and ‘real’ production people.
  • 600 hrs of sessions and In-studio experience.
  • Hands-on practice on many custom designed assignments.
  • Focused on practical implementation of Art and Technology.
  • Working on all mac setup.
  • Individual level guidance.
  • 3 months full-time Intern-ship.
  • Opportunity to work on real live projects.
  • Access to our render-farm for high-resolution rendering.
  • Portfolio and resume built-up.

      Course material and Bonuses:

  • Course material 1: Software Tools guide
  • Course material 2: Course summaries and notes
  • Course material 3: Important short-cuts, Tips and tricks
  • Bonus material 1: References + Inspirations
  • Bonus material 2: Free assets pack for jump start

      “After successfully completing the core training, assignment project and internship, you will be awarded a course completion certificate and also an experience letter for internship. And, if you are a real performer, may be an appointment letter as well.”


Who should get this training?

      Mostly designed for technical people from Mechanical engineering sectors, this course is ideal for students and industrial designers or for anyone who wants to cater in the engineering visualisation field.

      Previous knowledge of understanding engineering drawings, views, sections is an important pre-requisite. We also recommend reading Advaita Studio’s free training series, ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation’. So that you will get a basic know-how of what you will be doing in general.

So what are you waiting for? Be a 3D Engineering Visualiser!

Enroll Now!


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