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Let’s learn 3D Animation

Welcome to ‘Lets learn 3D Animation’, a completely fresh training series, by ‘Advaita-Studios’ (अद्वैत स्टुडिओज). Here we will get acquainted with many topics in 3D. From basic concepts of 3D animation to fundamental principles and from career scope to applied usage. We will be talking about techniques, softwares and all the primary knowledge required. This series is completely application oriented and you too will enjoy doing many animations, yourself!

Today, inspite of having big scope, there are very few ‘skilled 3D artists’ around. And having a good quality training is very difficult, because of the high cost or such reasons. So, in order to reach maximum people, we are bringing this series, completely FREE.

Mr. Mahesh Deshpande, the author of this series, will be sharing his, 15 years of professional experience. We will be learning many tips and talk about most of the fundamental topics in a very simple and easy dialogue. So that everybody will learn and also enjoy the series. This series was originally developed in ‘Marathi’ called: ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation’, which is having very good reader response. Now we are bringing it in English for even wide reach.

The index below will get you to the individual articles. You can communicate with the author, while reading it, through reply section below each post. He will try to answer all of your questions, comments or quarries. Each new post will be added, ‘usually daily’, and will be reflected in the Index.


Slide 980 x 450 - 25 We will be talking about many concepts of 3D animation, one by one. During the week following the article, you can study, practice and ask your quarries. So enjoy this series and make great animations. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page (linked left side) and feel free to give us your comments and suggestions.



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